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Single Digits and Baby Expo

20 weeks

29 weeks
30 weeks
32 weeks

Finally down to eight weeks! I can't believe how quickly it has gone by. I have had the most carefree pregnancy so far. It has been such a blessing, praise God for that! Hopefully the next 55 days will continue on this path. We have an ultrasound on Thursday, now that we got my "genetic blood work" back. They just want to make sure that little bit is growing correctly and not showing any signs of anemia, like his mama. Still stuck on the name.... found one I really love this week. Lear, what do you think?

Matthew and I went to the Mid-South Baby Expo this weekend. $7 a head, I was hoping for a return on our $14 investment. The grand door prize was a $500 gift card to Babies R Us, a highchair, car seat and gift cards to McAlister's Deli. I just knew we would win because we never win anything. (Real rational thinking there.) We (I) filled out a card for every drawing available.... Haven't heard back from anyone. I guess we got $14 dollars worth of plastic cups, yard sticks, diapers, sample lotion and baby wash, first aide kits, magnets, and coupons. We really had a good time! I drug Matthew to an hour long breastfeeding seminar and maternity fashion show, but he got free pickles and ice cream out of the deal.


cassandra and zachary said...

Oh no! I can't see the pictures. I wonder if this is a temporary thing. hmm.... Baby Expo sounds rad. Sort of like a check out all our babies kind of thing. Or perhaps a version of Baby X-Games. Where babies participate in extreme crawling and pooping contests. Yeah.....sounds rad. Miss you. Wish you were a little less pregnant so you could drive to WV for graduation and so I don't miss the first 2 months of Lear's life. Love you always, praying for your health constantly, and thinking of you often. Sisters. I like it.

Tiffany Rose said...

bummer! I can't see the pics either. Sounds like the Baby Expo was fun!! Way to go getting the hubby to tag along... who wouldn't want free pickles and icecream!

Tiffany Rose said...

There are all the pictures! :) You are so cute!!!

Tiffany Rose said...

There are all the pictures! :) You are so cute!!!

Sara said...

Lindsey, you look so good being pregnant! I'm going to be really jealous if you get to have him before I have will be really close!!