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32 Week Ultrasound

We just got back from a great appointment! Our little bit is not anemic. He is measuring right on target. The tech took measurements of his head and femur. His heart beat was 151. We watched the blood flow through his brain and umbilical cord. (It's like doppler radar) She estimated that his weight is 4lbs 6 oz at this point. He should be a pretty good size kid, come May! Mama Jan got to go along and I think she really enjoyed it. I'm thrilled because he is already head down. As a bonus, he is also facing the right way. No back labor!!! I just hope he can stay that way for good.
This is a profile of the crazy baby. He has both of his hands up by his face. The dark bubble tube in the middle of the picture is his umbilical cord.

This is a very well zoomed picture of his face. He is looking at you. The dark spot is his eye and the white blob is his nose. Both of these pictures look so much better in person! We can't wait to really meet him! We have a crash course on labor this weekend, after Matthew finishes his second week of overtime in a row. Hopefully he can stay awake and engaged long enough to finish the class. I'm going to treat him to an awesome new restaurant afterwards. He doesn't know where we are going yet, but it should bring back some PA memories.


cassandra and zachary said...

Eat 'N Park? Haha. Speaking of northern restaurants, the Rita's here in Parkersburg is closed for good. They got out before the first day of spring. Sad day. That little guy is going to be so neat to meet. I'm very glad you are still feeling upbeat and chipper. We'll keep praying for a big healthy baby, but not too big. :0 ! Love, love.

Matthew and Lindsay said...

Good guess on Eat 'N Park, but it was a little greek resturant. He was so suprised and it was so delicious! So sad to hear about Rita's. You'll have to make a special trip to the Chippewa to get one last taste.

Kelly said...

I took our blog to private and I don't have your email. Email me at and I'll add you on. You are getting very close!!

cassandra and zachary said...

Oh Lindsay, I just looked at the pictures from your shower. You look so happy and cute in your little dress and Oh my goodness...I thought Easton was Tanner. Sad when you live far enough away that you don't even know your own nephews.