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Grill Night In honor of all those HU boys.................. the boys who spent Wednesday nights grilling with Matthew before PIKE church. Although I'll never know how great THAT FOOD was; girls were NEVER invited. I do know how great Matthew is at grilling now. Living in an apartment makes me really miss grilling. It's the smallest things that make me happy. It also makes me take pictures because these things happen so infrequently. We had the best kabobs at Matthew's parent's house this last weekend. My favorite was the steak and onion! He marinated the steak in butter, fresh garlic, and Lawry's seasoned salt. yum yum. The chicken and veggie kabobs were marinated in Italian dressing. I didn't try the Cajun sausage but Grandaddy Richard said it was great! The corn on the cob and grilled pineapple just added to the awesome meal! Mama Jan rounded it all out with a sour cream pound cake served warm with peaches. Now that I have made you all hungry, you're invited to our first cookout in our new home. (Don't know when it will be, but soon I hope. I really hope it's before Graham learns to walk!)