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July 4th Vacation in Paragould (a little late) Graham meeting Grandmother Horner for the first time. Grandmother is the mother of eight children. Graham is the 23rd great-grandchild! He is one of three great-grandsons that will carry on the Horner name.
Four generations of Horners. Richard Perry, Richard Matthew, Joyce Ray, and Graham Edward.

Graham's first trip to the farm. He really enjoyed the air conditioned cabin. He did really well, especially with how hot it was. His silly mommy made him leave on that hot hat all day. Jack really thought Graham was pretty neat. He tried to dig through the levee where Graham was enjoying a nice lunch. The crops looked really good. It was neat to see how everything changes, but really nothing looks very different. We can't wait to see Graham toddling through a rice field like his daddy grew up doing.
Mama Jan had a wonderful time putting Graham to sleep all week! He really enjoyed getting to snuggle. We had an awesome week. It was especially fun to worship at Hillcrest. We had some great Mama Jan cooking and got to see lots of family!


Justin & Shauri Phillips said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! He's getting so big, Linds!!