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He Really Is My Child.....
Those of you that know me well, know how well I sleep. I can't tell you how many pictures Mom has of me asleep in laundry baskets, on the potty chair, and in my plate of food at the dinner table. I would call my sleeping ability a hobby, sometimes I even claim it as a talent. Matthew used to get so upset with me when we were dating in college. You know after spending all evening together and saying goodnight, I would immediately get on the phone with him. There really wasn't anything else to do after "curfew," and studying wasn't an option. We would talk for about ten minutes. Matthew would be in the middle of a story and I was off in dream land. He would say "Lindsay are you there? Lindsay, Lindsay" each time getting louder and louder. Sometimes I would wake up to the long beeping noise that happens when you are disconnected and the lady then comes on and says "If this is an emergency hang up and try your call again." Well to make a story longer..... My sweet Graham has fought sleep since the day he entered the world. He just wouldn't give up. We have already danced many miles with this boy. I was beginning to worry because with parents that love sleep and fall asleep so easily, how could this boy have so much trouble? Last Tuesday we woke up as usual at 5:15. I nursed Graham while Matthew ate breakfast. Then I put him down to play on his activity mat. I ran into the bathroom and Matthew headed to the kitchen. Matthew came around the corner while I was brushing my teeth and said, "You have to see this." My sweet boy had played so hard in those 2 minutes that he fell asleep. Immediately I said, "He really is ours!"

This is our only family picture since the hospital. They are very difficult to get, since I don't have a tripod. Thanks Mr. Horner for snapping this one after church at Hillcrest on Sunday. It was a great vacation and I promise to blog about it next.


Beverly said...

"Miss" Lindsay - Sorry, had to put that "miss" on there for old times sake! :)

I just stumbled onto your blog, and I am in AWE over that precious little boy! I didn't even know you were expecting! I showed Mallory (remember? From first grade at CRA?) the pictures and she agrees that he is adorable. :)

We have thought of you often and wondered where life took you and Matthew. What a joy to see how things have turned out for you! Congratulations!

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