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Mom gave me a crash course in smocking before we left for OKC. I didn't bring my sewing machine this time. I needed something to work on during nap time other than organizing Graham's photo albums. I finally finished my first piece today! It's still a little big for Graham but I will probably let him wear it to church this week anyway. I need to find some little knee socks, it's getting a little cool here. I looked at Penney's but no luck maybe Macy's will have some.

He was singing at this point. He has started doing that when he gets tired especially in the car seat. He sings himself to sleep often.
I need the knee socks so we can wear Mrs. Annette's cute shoes again before we out grow them.
The next outfit is picture smocking. A little more difficult, but up for the challenge. I learned from my mistakes this time so maybe the Spruce Goose plate will turn out without a flaw.


Elizabeth said...

There is a store here that has knee socks...if you don't find them there, I can tell you where to go when you get home.

Anonymous said...

i think elizabeth beat me to it, but strasburg has knee socks here in memphis. yes, elizabeth & i were in the knee sock club for quite a while a few years back! and josh has been known to don quite a few pair this past summer. btw, the outfit is beautiful!
lisa miller

Kate said...

What a precious little bald-headed boy!! I'm a little partial to bald babies (I had 3--one still hasn't gotten much hair and she's almost 4). Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I totally know who you are. God bless your sweet family!!