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Oklahoma State Fair
Every time you see a happy little family out and about one parent is pushing the empty stroller and the other is lugging the happy little butterball on their hip. Well, I decided we weren't even going to go there.... I happily strapped Graham on in my handy Mei Tai. After he woke up from his first nap it was Daddy's turn. I am so glad that Matthew loves Graham (and me for that matter) enough to wear this in public. Graham was out again for round two just a few minutes after this photo.
We saw a demonstration on milking cows and spinning wool (you are much better Mom). We walked through the horse and cow barns. Graham didn't know what to think about the cows. Graham woke up for a glimpse at the brand new baby chicks. We also saw little piglets and very big bison.
You know the reason you go to the fair is for the FOOD so here's a run down of what we ate. First we split a slice of pepperoni pizza and a fresh squeezed lemonade. Then on to a polish sausage, pepper and onion sandwich with a sprite. Graham decided he wanted to eat then also, so we stopped on a park bench for a quick sip. Lastly, we went for an overpriced funnel cake and I took home a carmel apple. $50 later we were fat and happy and ready to go home. Thanks Oklahoma, you've got a great state fair!!! We just wanted to "CELEBRATE THE STATE IN WHICH WE'RE LIVING. WE JUST WANT TO CELEBRATE OKLAHOMA LIVE!" (you can sing along if you like)