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It's always fun to go "home." We spent the weekend with Matthew's parents. They were so excited to see Graham after being gone for the month. We had a great time at Hillcrest, Sunday. It's always good to see friends and catch up a little. I can't believe it but I left Graham in Bible class for the first time this Sunday. (I know, I don't think I was thinking clearly at the time.) Miss Sally and Miss Joy were the perfect pair to leave him with. They said he had the best time. I know he chewed on everything. Miss Joy didn't even have to hold him until they pulled out the food. (He is still too little to have cheerios.) Here are a few pictures from church. The date stamp is wrong....I'm still learning.

It even looks like Graham is saying, Are you really leaving?

I have to share one little story about Paragould: We went to eat at the local Chinese restaurant. Graham was asleep on Matthew's shoulder when we walked in. Several people smiled in our direction and one guy patted G's hand and told us how sweet he was. This didn't bother me too badly but really, it takes so much energy to get a baby to sleep. Why does everyone feel the need to touch a sleeping baby???? Your really going to think I'm too over protective, but I will share anyway. About five minutes into the meal Graham wakes up and isn't going back to sleep so Matthew has Graham sitting on his knee. The waitress notices and offers us a high chair.(very sweet!) He isn't sitting up yet, so no, but thank you. Two minutes later she comes back and in broken English asks if she can hold G. Matthew passes him to her. She stands by our table for 30 seconds and then walks off with my baby. (yes, a little uncomfortable!) She then proceeds to walk him around the entire restaurant, including taking him to other guest's tables. She finally comes back five minutes later with G and a fortune cookie. Thanks, but really? No one would come up to you and offer the same thing with your five year old. If they did you really wouldn't let them take them away from the table. Babies are very fun to look at and talk to, but taking a complete strangers baby.....I just don't get it. Am I way off? Out of line??