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Mail Call...........
Always always my favorite thing about camp! You always felt so important when they called your name, didn't you? It's a good thing we weren't at camp, a months worth of mail adds up pretty quickly. We received 63 pieces of mail! We would still be singing if we were at Tahkodah. The nice lady at the post office even let us bring it home in a United States Postal Service box. Did you know you can be fined and imprisoned up to 3 years if you use this box for any unintended use? Wow! I'll be returning it today, before Graham gets any bright ideas. Out of the 63 pieces we received 13 bills or important letters, Four Delta Farm Presses, two magazines, three packages (pictures from Shuttterfly), and the remaining 22 pieces would be classified as junk mail. Amazing the trees we could have saved, right? It took Matthew and I a good hour to sort and skim through our lovely mail. After I finish with the bill pile, I'll have to get started on unpacking and going through the clothes Graham outgrew while we were away. So glad to be home!!!


cassandra and zachary said...

AHH what fun! You have to bring your books and things with you to J-boro this weekend so I can see how they turned out. Missing you.