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I Lost my Newborn

Gentry will be seven weeks old on Wednesday! I have already put away all of the newborn clothes. She is fitting nicely in 0-3 month clothes now. I used the last newborn diaper last night. Size one here we come! She has a pretty bad diaper rash, again. I believe she is allergic to the Pampers Sensitive Thick Care wipes. Cloth diapers today and tomorrow should take care of it. She smiled and cooed at her daddy last night for the first time. She is really enjoying her playtime on the floor while Graham and I do "baby bible class" each morning. Graham was helping her pat the Bible today. It was precious!
I had to include these videos of Graham! He loves to play outside! The first video is of us walking to the trash. A daily ritual! The second video is Graham's love for rocks. He loves to count things, but doesn't get it right every time.
I'm loving my twenty month old and almost two month old!


Nurse To Be said...

Love the update - need to see babies in person very soon. Love the cloth diapers!! Hope rash gets better very soon. Use cloth wipes, too. Baby washcloths, rolled up in wipe warmer with just a tiny squirt of baby wash should work really well. Love you!