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From Our "Weekend"

We are very slowly adjusting to Matthew's new work schedule. I am getting better at being a single parent when the schedule calls for it. We have even gotten out by ourselves a few times this week. LLL was great! Everyone really enjoyed getting to meet Gentry. Graham had a blowout and had to wear Pjs the rest of the night. Somehow I only got out of the house with one diaper for Gentry so I owe the church 3 size ones, that we borrowed. Church went fairly well this week! Thanks to Andrea and Barbra. I noticed on Wednesday that they have installed the TV in the nursing mother's room. That will be fantastic on Sunday! I may actually get to hear/see a whole sermon. Gentry is sleeping about 5 hours and then follows up with 3 hour stretches after that. Graham is still finding his way to our room most nights but goes about 7 hours by himself first. I have been on a video kick lately, so here are two more.... Matthew and I both got new glasses this week and we are working on getting back into contacts. I'll post pictures of our new glasses soon. Hope everyone has a great week!


Nurse To Be said...

In the first picture of Gentry, she does not look like a newborn, AT ALL! Where did tiny wobbly baby go??! Can't wait to see her, and that Grahammy-kins tomorrow. Oh, and you too, sister!