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Two Month Check-up

Gentry survived her two month check-up and shots! Unlike her brother she actually flirted and cooed at the Dr. the entire time he was examining her. I could actually have a conversation with Dr. Y without having to yell. It was pretty remarkable. Matthew said it was because someone was actually giving her some attention. That of course made me really sad. It seems like no one is getting any undivided attention these days. She weighed in at 10lbs. 5 oz. That is a five pound gain from her hospital release weight. She is only a pound shy of doubling her birth weight! She is now 21 inches long and her head is measuring 14 3/4 inches. These are both in the 6th percentile. Looks like she may take after the Truxton side of the family. Her weight is in the 25th - 50th.

She is sleeping less during the day and loves to talk to her bears while I'm changing her. She also really enjoys her activity gym. She just kicks and kicks at the "Target dog" and bats Lion with her hands. She seems to be less gassy, I'm hoping the block feeding is helping. I can sort of see an improvement in the spraying and gagging. Graham has started to show a little more jealousy and is acting out be hitting and sitting on Gentry. I would like to blame it on the cabin fever, but I think it may be a problem we are really going to have to work on.

Putting the kids to bed by myself is not really improving. I cherish the nights that Matthew is home to help. Hopefully Gentry will become happier playing by herself or be asleep while I'm putting Graham down more and more. For now we just all get in bed together and cry until one finally gives up. Most nights it's Graham who gives up first. He will fall asleep in the fold of my leg while I pat his back and he cries about the covers. They are never right; he wants them on, then off, then on and so on. I'm still loving being a mother of two, but am always wishing for more hands and the ability to hold them both at the same time.

I wish I had a picture: Last Thursday Matthew walked out the door for work just as I needed to begin dinner. Graham had just woken up in the worst mood. (comes by it naturally) Gentry was also crying. She needed to fall asleep, but also needed to be upright so she could burp. I quickly put her in the front pack (baby bjorn) and crammed Graham into the backpack. I stooped at the couch to hike Graham onto my back. I then proceeded to make dinner very peacefully. No one was crying and Graham was just talking and talking about everything I was doing. After dinner Graham was carrying the backpack around and was begging for me to hold him.(sound familiar?) I'm so glad we have these fantastic inventions!


Nurse To Be said...

Oh, I wish there was a picture, but I can picture it in my head anyway. What a good mommy, meeting her babies' needs! How funny that he's doing the same thing you did, carrying the backpack around.
Love you, sister. You're doing a great job, and it WILL get easier.